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Homage to Suzuki

Album Notes In the early 1960’s Shinichi Suzuki’s revolutionary method of teaching music (called Talent Education) gained recognition in North America and attracted both passionate admirers and detractors. Those who believed in his ideas are now gratified to see how his Mother Tongue Approach as altered, enriched and elevated the teaching of music worldwide. My music partner Carole L. Bigler and I were on fire with the promise and joy of this radically different way of learning and applied it to our piano teaching. In 1978, w were asked to write our book Studying Suzuki Piano: More Than Music, published in Japan with a foreword by Dr. Suzuki. I was also invited to record the piano repertoire by the piano committee of the newly formed Suzuki Association of the Americas. The Book and recordings, now published by Alfred, are still widely used. Recently, the Suzuki piano repertoire has been updated with new pieces which are included on this recording. It is with great gratitude that I offer this recording to the memory of Shinichi Suzuki, as well as to all those who have contributed to the success of Talent Education worldwide. Valery Lloyd-Watts Kingston, Ontario January 2013...

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New! Homage to Suzuki

The Suzuki piano repertoire has recently been updated with new pieces all of which are included in this recording as well as Beethoven’s Thirty-Two Variations On An Original Theme, WoO8O. Valery’s warmth and love for the music shines through her expressive performances on this CD. Soon to be available on CDBaby, Amazon and...

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Valery Lloyd-Watts Returns to Colorado!

Hailed as “The World’s Most Listened-to Pianist,” Valery engages her audiences with personal stories and interesting facts about the composers and their music. She has created a vast and passionate following for her performances and is widely praised for her masterful recordings, including all of The Suzuki Piano School volumes. A winter workshop for students of all instruments Concert, Master Classes, Parent Talk… Valery Lloyd–Watts concert info...

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Music Meant for You

1. Papillions, Op. 2 13:47 2. Etudes d’exécution transcendante No. 9, ‘Ricordanza’ 8:50 3. Etudes de virtulosité, Op. 72, No. 6 1:41 4. Sonata, R. 84 3:40 5. Nocturne, Op. 15, No. 1 4:13 6. Nocturne, Op. 27, No. 2 5:16 7. Scenas Infantis – Run, Run! 1:20 8. Scenas Infantis – Ring around the Rosey! 0:53 9. Scenas Infantis – March, Little Soldier! 0:58 10. Scenas Infantis – Sleeping Time 1:27 11. Scenas Infantis – Hobby Horse 0:57 12. Etude, No. 3, ‘La...

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Bigler~Lloyd-Watts Mastering the Piano Manual

Our gift to teachers and independent learners. This manual contains our combined experience of decades of playing and teaching piano. Carole and I talked often about giving it freely to anyone who wanted it and now, thanks to the power of the internet, we can. Please leave comments and feedback. Best wishes for your joy and progress in mastering the piano! You can view and download the manual here   Valery  (for Carole L. Bigler and Valery Lloyd-Watts)....

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The Bigler~Lloyd-Watts Mastering the Piano Manual for teachers and independent learners is now freely available online

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