Books and Educational Resources

Valery Lloyd-Watts is an acclaimed author of many valuable educational resources.

ScrambleScramble Game

A unique and powerful tool for learning and memorizing music. Read how to use it on Pp 51-53 in the Mastering the Piano manual, Teaching Strategies section.

With years of teaching and training experience, she and Carole Bigler wrote Studying Suzuki Piano: More Than Music in 1980, which has been recognized as the “Bible” of Suzuki piano training, available through Warner Brothers. It has been translated into Japanese, Korean and Russian, with a foreword by Dr. Suzuki.

In 1995, Alfred Company published the duo’s second book, Ornamentation, A Question and Answer Manual, on how to realize ornaments from all eras of music. Additionally, they have edited Everybody’s Perfect Masterpieces, Recital Winners, Recital Gems, and J.S. Bach’s Adagio on a Theme by Marcello.

In 1999, she jointly published with Carole L. Bigler Seven Principles of Effective Piano Teaching, a manual for piano teachers, as well as Lesson Plans for:

  • Master Class Series I (recording released as A Concert of Masterpieces)
  • Master Class Series II (recording released as A Second Concert of Masterpieces)
  • MusiCoach for Recital Winners and Recital Gems
  • Lesson Plans for Applause! Book 1