In November, 2008, Valery Lloyd-Watts became one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women – Top 100. She joins other recipients of the award including Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar, Canada’s Governor General Michaelle Jean, and writer Christie Blatchford.

TheĀ Women’s Executive Network (WXN) was created in 1997 to promote and support professional development and mentoring of Canada’s leading women. Then in 2003, Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 was launched to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the most influential women in the country.

Valery’s rich music life, which started at the age of four, involves not only performing and recording but teaching and mentoring many young artists. Through her involvement with the Suzuki Method of teaching music, her pioneering piano pedagogy courses, and her inspiring master classes, she has touched the lives of thousands of teachers and students worldwide.

Her work with Carole Bigler led to the creation of their musical partnership, Bigler/Lloyd-Watts More Than Music Inc. Together they have produced books of music study such as Studying Suzuki Piano: More Than Music and Ornamentation, recordings of the Suzuki repertoire and the teacher’s manual Mastering the Piano.

Valery, along with Carole, directed the largest Summer workshop in North America for 32 years at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Students came from all over the world and will continue to do so, even though Valery and Carole have retired as Directors.

This award aptly recognizes Valery Lloyd-Watts for her contributions to the international music arena through her performing, teaching, recording and broadcasting.

– Carole Bigler